What are the DAC Best Practices?

Design, Analyze, Communicate: Working together to improve clinical study outcomes.

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Design, Analyze and Communicate effectively

The DAC Best Practices may be applied in the Design, Analysis, and Communication of clinical studies (regardless of the stage of development of the medicine or intervention). While not all points are relevant to all studies, in general they are intended to promote sound and proven scientific methodology combined with the use of recent innovations in trial design.

DAC Best Practices help facilitate a dialogue between PI teams and other clinical study stakeholders and bring focus to opportunities to improve studies and trials. They can also be used to educate the next generation of PIs and global health partners about current clinical study methods, tools, and resources.

DAC Best Practice Definitions

Please note: Implementors of studies should also always refer to relevant regulatory standards and guidelines (e.g. FDA, EMA) to assist with study/protocol design.