DAC Assessment Tool (DAT)

Author list: Ian Hudson, Thea Norman, Shawn Dolley and Dan Hartman

10th April 2021


The DAC Assessment Tool (DAT) is a questionnaire which may be used or completed by the study PI and her/his team covering design, analyze, and communicate topics important to consider when designing informative studies. While not all points are relevant to all studies, in general they are intended to promote sound and proven scientific methodology combined with the use of recent innovations in trial design. 

For example, in addition to supporting PI teams as they plan their study, fully completed DATs can serve as diagnostic guides to help study stakeholders assess whether a proposed study is likely to provide definitive answers and lead to implementable results. Completed DATs help identify gaps in study planning that need to be addressed with funding and technical partnerships before a study is finalized or initiated.

Download in PDF | https://doi.org/10.31219/osf.io/b8n73

To request a Word version of the DAT template, please email your request to: DACTrials@gatesfoundation.org.

DAC Assessment Tool