Tools and Resources

DAC Assessment Tool (DAT)

The DAT is a questionnaire which may be used or completed by the study PI and her/his team covering design, analyze, and communicate topics important to consider when designing informative studies.

Clinical Trial Simulation

This software tool has been designed to help statisticians and non-statisticians, who are new to clinical trial simulation and adaptive designs, come up to speed with this important class of trial designs.

Integrating Sex & Gender

Developed in partnership with the Global Center for Gender Equality at Stanford University, this overview of best practices includes links to tools & references to support sex-gender integration.

Target Policy Profile

The Target Policy Profile (TPoP) has been developed for use both prior to research to identify key research questions to support policy decisions and at the point of evidence generation and dissemination.

Resources Database

Use this searchable, interactive database to access and extensive collection of relevant tools and resources available on both the DAC Knowledge Hub and across The Global Health Network.

Protocol Library

Focusing on research protocols where trial sites were located in low- and middle-income countries, this resource includes a library of publicly available global health trial protocols and a registry list.


Access relevant publications cited in the DAC Knowledge Hub and associated toolkits in addition to an extensive suggested reading list developed around the DAC principles and best practices.

Please note: Implementors of studies should also always refer to relevant regulatory standards and guidelines (e.g. FDA, EMA) to assist with study/protocol design.