DA(C) – Communicate aspects

Best Practices for Informativeness in Clinical Research

This series of informative videos presented by global experts provide detail on each of the DAC Best Practices. Find out more about what the Best Practices are, why are they important, and how implementing them can help you deliver an informative study. The following resources are split into the three DAC aspects – Design, Analyze and Communicate.

DA(C) – Communicate aspects

14. Engage local regulators, ethics committees and policymakers before, during, and after the study, for input on design, obtaining relevant approvals, and action at study’s end (click thumbnail to play)


DA(C) – Communicate aspects

15. Implement a communication plan and informed consent that involves participants, families, communities, and health systems (click thumbnail to play)


DA(C) – Communicate aspects

16. Publish protocol, analysis plan, and study results, including raw study data and code, in an open access resource, regardless of study outcome (click thumbnail to play)


Please note: Implementors of studies should also always refer to relevant regulatory standards and guidelines (e.g. FDA, EMA) to assist with study/protocol design.